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Empire Market has already established itself as one of the premiere darknet markets currently in operation, and with any luck, they will have learned from the mistakes of its predecessor, Alpha Bay. Also like Alpha Bay, by far and away the most popular category on Empire Market is “Drugs & Chemicals,” where over 37,000 listings are currently hosted for products shipped from and to almost every part of the world.

Also to be found are all the usual categories associated with darknet markets, though Empire Market does have a couple of unique features not shared by many others. These include a provably fair lottery, where the outcome is based on the ending digits of bitcoin block hashes, and two “autoshops” where credit card information or accounts for different online services can be purchased instantly (without having to wait for the order to be accepted and filled by a vendor).

Facts about


  • Year founded: 2018


  • Cryptocurrencies accepted: BTC, LTC, XMR


  • Product/Service listings: currently over 54,000


  • Multi-signature escrow provided? Yes


  • Cost of vendor bond: $200


  • Advanced search filters: Yes



Before Getting Started on the guide to Empire Market

It is highly recommended that you have at least some experience with transacting Bitcoin (or Litecoin, or Monero) before attempting to use a darknet market such as Empire Market. This includes knowing how to buy bitcoin (CashApp guide), how to send bitcoin, and how to secure bitcoin. As a pretty standard precaution, you shouldn’t send coins directly from an exchange to a darknet market, or receive coins on an exchange directly from a darknet market. Move them to an intermediary address first just to avoid a direct blockchain association between your identity on an exchange and your account at Empire Market. Better yet, use a bitcoin mixing service to provide additional obfuscation, with an output being your Empire Market BTC or LTC deposit address. This precaution is not necessary if you are using Monero (XMR), however, as it is a privacy-based coin and sender/receiver information isn’t stored in its blockchain.

Next, you’ll want to install the Tor browser, as you can’t connect to Empire Market without it. Installing the Tor browser is what allows you to connect to the dark web and URLs that end in “.onion”. Bear in mind that, while your IP address is masked during your connection to the Empire Market, your internet service provider (ISP) will still have knowledge that you are connecting to the Tor network. If you are looking for an extra step in privacy and security, it would be a good idea to purchase a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider­. This will provide an additional buffer between your ISP and your connection to the Tor network.

Creating Empire Market Account

Creating an account at Empire Market is a relatively simple, straightforward process. The official link to Empire Market is au7wwaqgstcu5d3i7h7qnnhyokratw6ggux4dqtrxbvr5kkggnuwlxqd.onion. If this link is down, you can find a list of verified mirror sites at our site. “click here” . The home page looks like this:

empire market

Here are the basic steps involved in setting up an account per the guide to Empire Market:

1. Click “REGISTER” in the menu to begin creating an account. You will need to enter:

  • A unique user name (create something completely unique and not associated with your real life or other online identities)
  • A unique password (10 characters or more, a random mix of numbers, letters and symbols is recommended), entered twice
  • A 6-digit pin (something you can easily memorize: you’ll need this for finalizing purchases and making withdrawals)
  • A Login Phrase (this will appear in your home screen and confirm you did not log into a phishing site)
  • A referral (“Invite User” = the user who invited you; not mandatory)

Note that you can also customize your display preference in terms of coin prices (BTC by default) and fiat prices (USD by default) from this screen.

Solve the captcha, and then press the “Join Empire Market” button at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to save this information somewhere both secure and where you will remember where it is.

2. You will then be brought to a page that says “YOUR MNEMONIC” at the top. Instead of having an email address that can be used to regain entry into your account should you somehow be locked out of it, you will be asked to enter in the mnemonic phrase to recover your account. Be sure to also save this information somewhere safe and confidential. After saving your mnemonic, paste it into the field next to the word “Mnemonic:” and press the “Continue” button.

empire market register

3. You will now be brought to the login screen. Enter in your user name, password, solve the captcha and press the “Login” button to continue. Next, you will be brought to the home page of Empire Market. It should basically look something like this:

empire market profile

And with that, your account is now created. You are ready to begin using most features on the site.

PGP and 2-FA on Empire Market

If you plan on receiving communication from vendors or buyers, or wish to enable 2-FA, you will need to paste your PGP public key into your User Profile. To do this, click on your user name in the upper-right corner of the screen, and scroll down to where it says “PGP Information.” Copy your PGP public key into the text box next to the words “PGP Public Key:”, solve the captcha at the bottom of the screen, and click the “Save Changes” box. Don’t forget to copy the entire public key; it should look something like this when correctly pasted:

You will now be asked to verify your public PGP key. To do this, copy the entire PGP message displayed, decrypt/verify the message using your PGP client, and paste the “Security Code” portion of the decrypted message into the “Security Code:” text box. Then press the “Proceed” button to continue.

If everything is correct, you will see a message that says “Your profile is updated successfully.” Your PGP public key is now updated for other users to see, and you can use it decrypt incoming communication from them, as well as to perform tasks that require 2-FA once enabled.

Deposits and Withdrawals on Empire Market

There are three deposit options for funds on Empire Market: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Monero (XMR). If you are concerned about the traceability of your funds we recommend using XMR as it is a privacy-centric coin and does not store sender/receiver information in its blockchain. To deposit funds (or withdraw them), simply click on the type of coin you want to deposit in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Your balance is displayed for all three coins at all times, regardless of where you are on the site. The Bitcoin deposit & withdrawal screen looks like this:

Notice how you aren’t assigned a pre-existing BTC address and will have to generate one by clicking the orange “Generate Bitcoin Deposit Address” button. It is important to note that, for privacy and security purposes, you will have to generate a new address once every seven days. If you send coins to an expired address, they will not be credited to your account, so be sure to only deposit coins to the address displayed on your Balance screen. Your balance will be credited after your transaction receives 2 confirmations (for BTC and LTC, 10 confirmations for XMR) on the blockchain.

empire market deposit & withdrawals 2

To perform a withdrawal, you will simply need the address to which you are sending your coins and your 6-digit pin. At the time of this writing, the withdrawal fees for each coin are as follows:

  • Bitcoin: 0.0004 BTC
  • Litecoin: 0.02 LTC
  • Monero: 0.02 XMR

Security on Empire Market

Despite a few hiccups associated with any darknet market, the community consensus on Empire Market is that it is secure and relatively trustworthy. In addition to taking basic safety precautions like not using your real name to register an account and purchasing a VPN to mask your connection to the TOR network before visiting the market, Empire Market offers the following security implementations for its users:

  • 6-digit PIN: entry is required before confirming any purchase.
  • Mnemonic Code: allows you to regain access to your account in lieu of providing an email address.
  • PGP Encryption: mandatory for vendors, highly recommended for buyers, encrypts communication in a way that only the recipient with the PGP private key can read it.
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2-FA): enable this to require your PGP key to decrypt a message before signing in.
  • Multi-Signature Escrow: funds are held by Empire Market and not released to vendor until recipient is satisfied with their product.
  • Mirror Verification: set a login phrase that is displayed on your home page to make sure that you have not accidentally logged into a phishing site.

All of these security settings can be enabled or changed when updating your profile (done by clicking your user name in the top right corner of the screen).

Making a Purchase

As this wouldn’t be a real guide to Empire Market without covering the purchasing part, depending on whether the item you wish to purchase is physical or digital, there are different options for how the purchase is to be made. All physical items are purchased using Empire Market as an escrow, meaning after you click “Confirm Purchase” (after clicking “Buy Now” on an item’s listing page), your funds will be held by Empire Market until after you have received your item and are satisfied with it. If you received an item and are content with it, “Finalize” the purchase in order to release the funds held to the vendor. If you didn’t receive an item or are unhappy with it, you can “Dispute” the order and it will be reviewed, resulting in your funds being released back to you if Empire Market agrees with the validity of your dispute.

Before purchasing a physical order, you will be asked to provide the shipping address of where you want the item to be sent. Do this by leaving it in the “Notes” text field in the Confirmation section. It is 100% recommended that you check the box entitled “Encrypt the notes using Vendor’s PGP” so that your address information is never stored anywhere — whether it be on Empire Market’s servers or the vendor’s web browser — unencrypted. Your Confirmation section should look something like this before pressing “Confirm Purchase”:

empire market selling

Digital item purchases are a bit more straight forward since they do not require a shipping address. Instead, you can enter in the email address where you want a link to the item sent. Often times, digital vendors have digital items set up to automatically send after receiving a purchase order, which means the link will be sent to your email immediately after your purchase. As mentioned earlier, Empire Market also has two different “autoshops” for specific digital items (credit card info and accounts) which finalizes both payment and sending with the click of a button. For all other digital items, you will still need to “Finalize” the sale so your payment funds held in escrow will be released to the vendor.

Vendor Reputation / Feedback on Empire Market

A seller’s Vendor Level and Trust Level will let you know how much experience the seller has, and how much positive feedback they have received, respectively. Sellers with a Vendor or Trust Level of 1 are unknown and have little or no experience. For the most part, sellers that have Vendor and Trust Levels of 3 or higher are considered to be relatively experienced and are most likely safe to deal with. The higher these levels are for a seller, the more competent they are, and the more likely their product matches what is described in the listing. You can see in this example that the seller has a Vendor Level of 4 and a Trust Level of 3, meaning they are a fairly experienced seller, and probably have a decent handle on what they are doing:

empire market feedback

Feedback is a standard eBay-style metric through which you can tell how satisfied customers are with a particular listing. The different types of feedback are positive, neutral, and negative. Feedback can be found as a tab on the listing buy screen, beneath the purchase price and quantity information. Here is an example of a listing with all three different types of feedback:

empire market feedback 2

Referrals System on Empire Market

Refer other users to receive 20% of the profits any time they purchase something on Empire Market by having them sign up for an account using your referral link. Your personalized referral link can be found toward the bottom middle of the Home page, beneath the Featured Listings and in between the Security and News sections. In this section you can also keep tabs on the total number of users you have successfully referred as well as your total referral earnings, which are updated on a daily basis.

Conclusion on Empire Market

You are now equipped with the basics for getting started on Empire Market. There are several facets of the site that were not covered at length in this guide, but if you are looking for more information or user perspectives on the site, try visiting the Empire Market official forum. There you can ask questions, seek advice, or read about what other users had to say about the market and its vendors. While Empire Market is considered to be a top notch operation among darknet market users, always remember that safety and security are of the utmost importance when transacting on any darknet market, so don’t be afraid to seek answers to questions about any additional issues you may have before getting started.

If you are looking for new updated Empire Market Links, you can check our homepage